This week nursery have been looking at four different shapes – a square, triangle, rectangle and a circle.

We have had lots of fun going on ‘shape hunts’ and using feely bags to help us explore and recognise the shapes. We have also been using shapes to make collages – we found a rectangle quite tricky but we will get there!

img_1047 img_1045 img_6818 img_6815 img_1084 img_1048 img_6819 img_6822













Mrs Wheatley also cut up some toast one day into different shapes – the ‘shape toast’ was delicious!

img_1068 img_1069 img_1070 img_1071






Next week, we are going to be doing more work on shape and we’re very excited about this. We hope you are enjoying following our progress in our class photographs!


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