CSI: Shakespeare in Year 6!

This half term, Year 6 will be using Macbeth by William Shakespeare as our key text. Many of us have previously heard of this very famous author, but none of us knew anything about the story.

Our current topic in Year 6 is also ‘Crime and Punishment’, and it turns out that Macbeth is full of some blood-thirsty murders!

Indeed, this week we came in to find that the classroom had become a Shakespearean crime scene… we had to investigate straight away! Armed with iPads, we carefully photographed all of the evidence so that we could try and figure out what was going on.

Once all of the evidence had been collected, Mrs Bell and Miss Mc Roberts challenged us to make some predictions about the types of characters, settings and events we might find in the story. As well as suggesting different possibilities for what might happen, we also had to justify our predictions with evidence. Like real-life detectives, we recorded all of the information carefully, using colons to link our two related ideas.

A few of our findings can be found below:

It seems as though a king has been murdered: a crown was discovered at the scene, along with an anonymous letter from someone claiming he would soon rule the country.

The story may take part in a castle or dungeon: the suspect left ancient yet ornate keys at the scene of the crime. The story seems to have been set a long time ago: a letter mentions becoming King of Scotland which is not a job which exists any more.

It seems witches were involved: we found three hats and three broomsticks at the crime scene.

There appears to have been a deadly war: armour, a blood-covered dagger and a bow and arrow were discarded at the scene.

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