This week, Year 2 showcased some of their learning from their first half-term in Year 2 to their parent’s / carer’s / grown ups, in their class assembly!


Parents and carer’s were treated to a medley of interesting songs from the 1980’s decade, as well as viewing some self-portraits drawn by the children in the style of iconic pop artists such as Adam &The Ants, Kiss and David Bowie, learning about playground games from the past (and newer games invented by the children themselves – such as ‘sticky lion’), and guessing which scientific statements were true / false!

The children loved playing against some of their parent’s / carer’s! 

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At the end of the afternoon, parent’s were treated to afternoon tea served at tables – consisting of a range of cakes, coffee / tea and cucumber sandwiches made by the children themselves earlier that day!  YUM!

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