This week in Year 2, we have been investigating the properties of materials – looking at which materials are more / less waterproof.

We planned a fabulous outdoor class experiment to test the waterproofing quality of some commonly used materials – using measuring jugs, water, samples of materials / objects made from fabric, plastic, paper and cardboard and metre ruler sticks.

Before carrying out our ‘experiments’, we used some sorting cards to classify materials according to how waterproof we thought each one might be. We then wrote some predictions / hypotheses and recorded these on our science sheets…

We had great fun carrying out our ‘waterproof experiment’ – as you can see from our photo slideshow below. We learnt how some materials retained nearly all of the water poured into them (such as the plastic bag material) whilst others were not waterproof at all!

Which materials do YOU think were the most / least waterproof?

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