Last week Year 4 became embalmers!

Unfortunately, they could not mummify a real body (no ‘body’ would volunteer!), so instead they practised mummifying some tomatoes.

To do this they followed a set of instructions…

How to Mummify a Body.

Have you got a dead body that you need to mummify? Well, follow these instructions to become an embalmer!

You will need:

  • A dead body (a tomato);

  • Water from the River Nile;

  • Natron (salt);

  • 375m of linen (toilet roll);

  • One knife;

  • One hook (spoon);

  • Amulets;

  • Canopic jars;

  • Fake eyes;

  • Hair Palm oil (soap);

  • Makeup.


First, wash the body in palm oil and water from the River Nile.

Next, pull out the brains through the nostrils by using a hook.

After you have pulled out the brains, cut out the internal organs with a knife.

Place the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach into the canopic jars.

Now leave the body to dry in some natron for about 40 days.


The children left their tomatoes to mummify and they are now looking forward to discovering the results!

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