Dear Parents, Carers and the community of Winlaton,

Caroline TetleyWelcome to Winlaton West Lane Community Primary School where we believe we have something very special and all staff, children, parents and Governors strive to REACH FOR THE STARS!

I am very proud to be the Headteacher of a school with such awe-inspiring children, dedicated staff and supportive parents and carers.

Staff and Governors helped to create our vision statement for our wonderful school which is based on a happy, inclusive school which exudes an ethos of opportunity for all -children, staff, Governors, Parents and the wider community of Winlaton. One that enables our children to take responsibility and be the workforce of the future.

Winlaton WLCP endeavours to be a forward-thinking school which is experiencing a time of change and rapid improvement. High expectations of teaching and learning, behaviour and team work are the norm here. We want to be outstanding in all areas of school life.

At Winlaton WLCP you will find a welcoming and vibrant environment, with all involved taking responsibility for themselves and other people. We work hard to achieve our best in everything we do. REACHING FOR THE STARS!

Caroline Tetley (Head Teacher)

Year 2 ‘debug’ Caterpillars Colin and Jeff!

In Computing this half-term, Year 2 have been developing their programming skills with Miss Westgarth: learning what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital
devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions. Year 2 have also been learning how to create and debug simple programs – using our fabulous school ‘robot caterpillars’ (whom pupils have named Colin and Jeff!)…


Please click on the link below for newsletter dated 15.06.18. Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 9 15.06.18

Year 1 learn about Judaism, Joseph and his amazing coat!

In RE this term, Year 1 have been learning about Judaism – focusing upon the story of Joseph and his multi-coloured coat. The children were curious and engaged – discussing some of the morals contained within this biblical story and creating their own versions of Josephs’ coat within their follow up Art lesson…

West Lane Run for Fun!

On Friday 25th May almost 400 of us (!) went to Saltwell Park, to participate in the annual ‘Gateshead Schools Fun Run’ event. We arrived by coach and when we got there we enjoyed warming up with the Metro Gnomes!

Year 1 Holly investigate materials…

This week in Science, Year 1 tested some common materials to see if they: floated or sank; were waterproof or not; were magnetic or not. Can you predict which materials were which?…

New classrooms on the way

Last Friday a group of West Lane pupils went to Hull to see our new classrooms being built. We got to see and walk around in some of the units that will eventually be brought to West Lane and fastened together to make the new building. We had a fantastic welcome from...

Year 5 work ‘SMARTLY’ with Jason to ‘keep safe on-line!’

This week, Year 5 had a vital E-Safety talk from Jason – who works within schools to teach children about the importance of keeping safe online. We looked at live statistics, and were shocked to find how many people use the internet, send emails and send tweets.

Year 4 visit Arbeia in search of a ‘Really Roman’ fort!

“On Tuesday, the Year 4 children ventured to South Shields in search of a ‘Really Roman’ fort. We pretended to be archaeologists and excavated some real Roman artefacts. Then, we went to the beach and had the most exquisite ice-cream. It was AMAZING!” – written by Isabel.


  • Attendance Champions: Reception Hazel 100%
  • Whole School Attendance 96.6%


Year 1 ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ adjectives!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been writing letters to us! This week, he wanted us to try some food and write adjectives to describe the food. We came up with some excellent adjectives and enjoyed tasting the...

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Year 6 ‘light up’ science!

This week in Y6, we have been working scientifically to work out whether teachers really do have eyes in the back of their head! We already know that we see non-luminous objects when light transports their image through our pupil, and upside down onto our retina...

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Year 6 loves SPAG!

Y6 love SPaG! Did you know that this sentence is written in the active voice? Well, this week, we have learned to put this sentence into the passive voice: SPaG is loved by Y6! We have been investigating some complex sentence structures, and identifying all of the...

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