YEAR 1 Chestnut & Holly

Miss Jackson and Ms Greaves

Welcome to Year 1!

Miss Jackson and Ms Greaves are our Year 1 teachers, and they are supported by Miss Sowerby. Miss Jackson teaches Year 1 Holly and Ms Greaves teaches Year 1 Chestnut.

Information about what Year 1 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section.

Year 1 ‘transition’ to Year 2!

Year 1 (soon to be Year 2) had great fun ‘transitioning’ to their new class this week! We read the book ‘Michael’ – a lovely story about a boy who makes his own rocket! We then made our own rockets using plastic bottles and had great fun testing them out – to see whose rocket design was the fastest!

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Magical Tales and battles at Alnwick Castle!

On Thursday, as part of our topic work, Year 1 went to Alnwick Castle. It was amazing! From Knights and Castles, to Magical Tales – check out our class photo slideshows to see how much fun we all had…and watch out for our spell making video’s coming soon here too!

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Year 1 learn about Judaism, Joseph and his amazing coat!

In RE this term, Year 1 have been learning about Judaism – focusing upon the story of Joseph and his multi-coloured coat. The children were curious and engaged – discussing some of the morals contained within this biblical story and creating their own versions of Josephs’ coat within their follow up Art lesson…

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West Lane Run for Fun!

On Friday 25th May almost 400 of us (!) went to Saltwell Park, to participate in the annual ‘Gateshead Schools Fun Run’ event. We arrived by coach and when we got there we enjoyed warming up with the Metro Gnomes!

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Year 1 Holly investigate materials…

This week in Science, Year 1 tested some common materials to see if they: floated or sank; were waterproof or not; were magnetic or not. Can you predict which materials were which?…

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Year 1 solve a ‘watery’ problem for Henry Bear!

On Wednesday this week, we encountered a problem in year 1! The weather was really dreadful and it was starting to rain…poor, old Henry bear had no clothes to keep him dry! So…the children decided to wander up to forest school and became scientists!

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Year 1 paint with Paul Klee!

To kick-start our topic ‘Castles’, Year 1 Chestnut have been learning about the artist Paul Klee – specifically his painting ‘Castle and the Sun’. This amazing painting uses shapes, lines and colour to create an abstract piece of art, based on a castle at sunset. After analysing Paul’s painting, Year 1 used various 2-D shapes and rulers to sketch their own castle and sun pictures. We then used wax crayons to colour in the shapes and make our own castle pictures. ..

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Year 1 build some ‘sturdy’ homes!

Last week in Year 1, we used different materials to re-construct the three little pigs houses. We worked in teams of 4 to build a stick house – collecting straw, stones, string and sticks to see who could design and build the sturdiest house. We explained how we built our house to other teams and then left our houses overnight to test how strong each structure really was – would they still be standing by the next day?

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Father Tom leaves us…

We have been very fortunate to have had such a close relationship with our local church, so this week’s assembly was a particularly sad occasion for our school – as it was Father’s Tom leaving assembly. 

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