Year 6 Ash and Oak

Mrs Bell and Mrs Young

Welcome to Year 6!

Mrs Bell and Mrs Young are our Year 6 Teachers, and they are supported by Miss Rowland. Mrs Bell teaches Year 6 Ash and Mrs Young teaches Year 6 Oak.

Information about what Year 6 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section.

CSI: Shakespeare in year 6!

This half term, Year 6 will be using Macbeth by William Shakespeare as our key text. Our current topic in Year 6 is also ‘Crime and Punishment’, and it turns out that Macbeth is full of some blood-thirsty murders! Read on to find out more…

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Winlaton West Lane ‘bounce’ their way to post-OfSTED fun!

To celebrate our fantastic OfSTED report, the children at Winlaton West Lane (and the staff!) enjoyed an equally fabulous ‘fun day’ of whole school, non-uniform, bouncy castle play-time and fun activities. Take a look at some of our class photographs to see how much ‘fun’ we all had…

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Year 6 get ready to ‘leave’…

What a wonderful afternoon Year 6 had at their ‘Leavers Fayre’ this week – after kindly being loaned £5 from ‘Friends of West Lane’ to invest and grow, as part of their fund-raising towards their end of primary school ‘treat’ and Year 6 leaver’s prom celebration! Take a look at our Leavers Fayre photo gallery to see what a wonderful afternoon all the parents, carers, children and grown up’s had!

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The day an Olympian came to visit West Lane…

Today, our school was incredibly proud to have a visit from Olympic British volleyball player Peter Bakare – who led our whole school on a sponsored fitness circuit session. Each class was taken through a series of fun, pulse-raisin,g strength and conditioning exercises, followed by a motivational talk from Peter and a demonstration of some key volleyball skills…

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Year 6 battle Britain!

In our topic this half-term, Year 6 are learning about the Second World War in Europe – looking at how and why World War 2 started, the timeline of events from the outbreak of the war, the Battle of Britain, some major events leading up to the Battle of Britain and the role of different countries within this. .In our topic lesson today with Miss Westgarth, we looked at why the ‘Battle of Britain’ was such a significant turning point in British History and had a really enjoyable day making our own ‘Battle of Britain’ service medals…

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Fun at The Intu Metrocentre Gateshead Run 2017!

Today, our Year 5 and 6 children represented our school at the annual Gateshead Fun Run, sponsored by Intu Metrocentre! The Metrognomes also came along to join in the fun – although one of them was really naughty and decided to try and run off with off with Miss Westgarth’s bag and a packed lunch!

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End of SATS breakfast celebration!

To celebrate the end of Key Stage 2 SATS week, our Year 6 pupils and their parents and carers were invited to a free morning breakfast in our school hall – where a range of tasty breakfast options were kindly prepared our brilliant school cook Andrea and her team! Our sincere thanks to everyone who came along to lend their support…

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Year 6’s spectacular spaghetti structures!

After our SATS week, and as a fun activity linked to our Art & DT learning, Mrs Bell set all of the Year 6 pupil’s a challenge – to design (a) the tallest and (b) the most interesting free-standing structure, using ONLY marshmallows and dried spaghetti sticks!

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Gareth the ‘Snow Dog’ comes to West Lane!

This month, a former pupil of Winlaton West Lane School has kindly ‘donated’ one of his amazing Snowdogs, (‘Gareth’) to our school to exhibit for the next 2-3 weeks! Please feel free to come in and have a look at Mrs Tetley’s new friend…

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